Call for presentations

Share with us your ideas, valuable experiences and skills – old and new. Don’t hesitate. Be a part of Booster 2024 and submit your contribution now! Or by the submission deadline. Whatever floats your boat.

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Submission deadline: October 25th 2023

Pick your format!

We accept submissions that fall under one of the following three categories. Read about them below to find out which format works best for your contribution!

If you need help choosing a format, then let us know. We are more than happy to help.

#1 – Workshops

Workshops are #1 in our hearts. Booster is – and always will be – all about hands-on learning. The sky’s the limit when you get to play with something new. Send us your workshops, please.

Length: 1.5-3.0 hours
Number of participants: Up to you

#2 – Lightning talks

Lightning talks are pretty cool too. Each speaker in a lightning session gets precisely 10 min to share an insight, a method, a technology, or what have you. These sessions are strict on time, so don’t forget to kill your darlings and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Talk length: 10 min
Session length: 3*10 min = 30 min

#3 – Experience Report

Share your story with us. Stories are such an important way to learn from the experience of others. Tell us about how you, created, tested, experienced or did something – alone or with a team. As our program contains fewer experience reports than lightning talks, we expect a high quality of proposals.

Length: 30 min

What should your topic be?

Good question.

In terms of professional content, we are interested in any and all things related to the design, making and managing of software. We don’t have topical constraints, which is both a blessing and a curse. However, if you feel it is more like a curse, then here is a tip..

We in the committee would love to read proposals focused on how we as professionals can have a positive impact on our communities. If you have an idea like that, then send it to us.

Got something else in mind? Go for it. We are interested in building a program that reflects what the Booster community cares about.

Still need a list?

As long as your topic is sort of related to software we’re interested. Don’t fret. Just submit and let us decide!

Speakers benefits

Travel and Accommodations

If financial concerns make it difficult for you to attend as a speaker, then you should apply for reimbursement of travel and/or accommodation expenses.

Do so by filling out the information when submitting your proposal. Our Monetary policy has all the details.


Please note that if your talk gets accepted we will:

If you have any questions about your data and how and why we keep it, please reach out to us at

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