What makes Booster special?

Booster is a software conference for the entire team. That means if you’re a developer, project manager, architect, UX professional, tester or security professional, we have something for you!

Our goal is that you come back from the conference with real knowledge you can use. That’s why interactive, hands-on workshops fill up most of the hours of the conference. We also have lightning talks, a few short talks, a couple of keynotes and open spaces.

We focus on long breaks for networking, provide excellent coffee and good food.

Practical information for Booster 2024

Where and when

The conference takes place March 13-15 March at Radisson Blu Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. The closest airport is Bergen Flesland Airport (BGO). To get to the conference from the airport, take the airport express coach.

First registration

Registration happens 08-09:00 at the Booster stand. You’ll find the registration stand close to the hotel reception. One of our great volunteers will present you with your access pass.

Food and breaks

As a participant you can enjoy one of Bergen’s best hotel lunches. Lunch is served in the restaurant.

Snacks are provided in the breaks, and we also have our very own baristas. If coffee isn’t your thing, try our excellent tea!

Conference dinner

One of the highlights of any conference is always the conference dinner and Booster is no exception. All participants are welcome to our conference dinner!

Code of conduct

We want to ensure that Booster is a positive experience for all who participates. All participants, speakers, volunteers and organizers have agreed to follow the Code of Conduct.

Contact us

You can contact us on e-mail: kontakt@boosterconf.no, Mastodon hachyderm.io/@boosterconf or on Twitter: @boosterconf .

Who are we?