Leveling up from developer to leader

Nicolai Gjellestad

Lightning talk

As your getting more experienced in your job, it is highly probable that you’ll be asked to be a leader, or somehow end up being one. Whether it be team lead for a small team, CTO or technical lead.

Being asked to be a leader or getting more and more trust can really be a boost for your self esteem. People love your work and contributions and you are awarded with more responsibility. Transitioning from a team member to a leader is a process that requires a shift of perspective, from doing the best you can at your job to enabling others to be their best at their jobs. Failing to adapt the way you are working to the new responsibilities can lead to stress, self doubt and bad feelings.

My story from developer to leader will teach you the pitfalls of becoming a leader, from how to get paid for your new expectations and responsibilities, changes in perspective of your role and how to teach yourself to be a better leader.