Create a webapp without JS using HTMX

Ove Gram Nipen

Even Ask Sleire

Workshop 1,5t

The fastest and easiest way to build a web application is to output HTML directly from the server. But what if you want to add a little interactivity, like letting the user add items to a shopping cart or filter a list of products? If you update the entire page every time the users click something, they’ll hate you with a passion. So you might consider using React or Vue, but that involves defining an api and adding a whole other build system to your application. Surely there must be a simpler solution?

HTMX to the rescue! With HTMX, every button (or other element) can make a REST call, and update parts of the page with server-side rendered HTML without the dreaded page reload. 

In this workshop, you’ll build a HTMX application using Spring Boot and JSP or ASP.Net/Razor. You’ll get hands-on experience using HTMX to update parts of the webpage in response to user actions.

We will give a short introduction to HTMX, followed by exercises that you solve by checking out a git repository and changing the code.

Prerequisites: working knowledge of HTML and either Spring MVC or ASP.Net/Razor.

Bring your laptop!