Forward Thinking with UX Research

Becca Kennedy

Workshop 1,5t

We know that research is important for designing and building good experiences, but how do we make sure we learn and use the most valuable information? When planned strategically, research helps teams make UX fixes and plan product roadmaps that prioritize the biggest audience needs without burning out the people building the software. In this workshop, we will talk about how to align on research purpose, identify and prioritize research questions, thoughtfully execute research, and act on the results in impactful ways. We will also talk about how AI tools may be helpful, as well as AI dangers to avoid to keep the work human-centered.


  • Intro + overview of UX research
  • Aligning on research needs
  • Creating and prioritizing research questions
    • ACTIVITY: Writing, grouping, and sorting research questions
  • Identifying the best research method
  • Creating a research plan to support highest-priority questions
    • DISCUSSION: Common challenges, and how to address them
  • Synthesizing research findings
  • Balancing efficiency with effectiveness